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Outdoor & Recreation

Outdoor & Recreation

Linn County, in Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley, offers wonderful fishing – everything from native trout in high mountain lakes to salmon and steelhead in the rivers, from bass in the lower ponds and lakes to kokanee in Green Peter and Detroit reservoirs.  The county boasts six navigatable rivers and nearly 150 lakes and ponds, many open to the public. Steelhead and...
Picture yourself settled down in a comfortable campsite a short distance from a beautiful lake or a placidly flowing river, towering trees either above you or not far away, fish rising to feed on the latest hatch on the surface of the water. If it's summertime, the sun is almost guaranteed to be shining and even if it's not,...
Road Biking Linn County offers something for every bicycle enthusiast or casual rider: country roads winding through pastoral agricultural communities, challenging hills and mountain roads for those seeking a heavier workout, and lots of shade along the way to stop for a refreshing breather. The Strawberry Century and Covered Bridge bicycle tours offer road riders formal, organized treks of up to...
The Cascade Mountains in east Linn County offer something for just about any winter recreation lover, from alpine skiing to skijoring – right here on the edge of Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley. Once winter weather really sets in, the north and east ends of the county are great places to find quality snow for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowmobiling,...
Linn County, in Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley, offers great boating opportunities for nearly every kind of fresh-water craft, from high-end white-water kayaking on our mountain rivers to plenty of more placid water for houseboaters and canoeists who aren't necessarily looking to get soaked, but who want to enjoy our beautiful lakes and rivers. Our lakes include: 3,600-acre Detroit, located about...
When you visit Linn County, bring your golf clubs along. Our rural, laid-back Willamette Valley communities offer several excellent golf courses for your enjoyment, including a great sense of natural scenery as you play. Don't worry about breaking windows – on some of these courses you can barely see a house. Golf Club of Oregon, located beside the Willamette River across...
The Willamette Valley, and the Cascade foothills and mountains in Linn County, are rich with birds of just about every shape and feather, from larks and sparrows to blue herons and bald eagles. Once in a while we even get a truly rare visitor, such as a snowy owl. Western Linn County, around Albany, Harrisburg and Lebanon, offers open-country birding,...
Popular from ancient times until today, the sports of archery and bowhunting are thriving in Linn County. Whether you're looking for friendly competition or to put food on the table, archery and hunting opportunities are here for the adventurous. Horner's Bow Shoot is a weekend summer event held near Sweet Home for the day-trip archers working to hone their skills. For...




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