Covered bridges transport you back to the past


Linn County, in the center of Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, has eight covered bridges, a microcosm of the state’s collection of the historic structures, which is the largest in the West and one of the largest in the nation.

Three of the bridges are along the Highways 228 and 20 corridor, which stretches from Halsey and Brownsville to the Santiam Pass. Five more are in the Scio area.

Covered bridges, in the moist climate of Oregon, can last 80 years or more, while an uncovered span generally will deteriorate in less than 10 years.

These beautiful, practical, graceful structures are nearly all built of Douglas fir and provide rich links to Linn County’s history and heritage, as they were constructed into the 1950s.

Most of Linn County’s bridges are grouped in two areas of the county: Gilkey, Hannah, Hoffman and Shimanek bridges are all located within a few miles of Scio in the north; Larwood Bridge, is south of Scio in the mid-county, north of Lebanon in the community of Lacomb, crossing the Roaring River in Larwood Wayside Park.

Crawfordsville, Weddle, and Short bridges are located in or near Sweet Home, to the south and to the east. For specifics on our covered bridges, click here and

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