Country roads, mountain trails beckon bicyclists of all abilities


Road Biking

Linn County offers something for every bicycle enthusiast or casual rider: country roads winding through pastoral agricultural communities, challenging hills and mountain roads for those seeking a heavier workout, and lots of shade along the way to stop for a refreshing breather.

The Strawberry Century and Covered Bridge bicycle tours offer road riders formal, organized treks of up to century-length, while many shorter routes provide a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Linn County countryside. Most rides are of moderate difficulty. All are worth the effort.

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Mountain Biking

With logging and U.S. Forest Service roads criss-crossing the county’s hills and mountainsides, it’s not too hard to find plenty of good back-country fun. But there are also established trails, such as Santiam Wagon Road, which is being developed in some areas for multiple uses such as mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding and drivers of vintage vehicles or wagons. Along the Santiam Wagon Road are various segments – the Fish Lake Trail, the Hackleman Trail, House Rock Trail, Sevenmile Trail and Snow Creek Trail, all of which make for good shorter rides with some terrific scenery.

At the east end of the county, along Highway 126, the Clear Lake area offers a variety of rideable trails, and the Upper McKenzie River Trail system hooks into those and connects Clear Lake with the scenic waterfalls a couple of miles south of the lake.

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