Square dancing in Linn County. Oregon


Square dance is alive and well in rural Linn County, here in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, with three active clubs that hold regular events, and the annual Midwinter Festival in January, which draws square, round, and clogging dancers from all over the Northwest.

Square Dance Clubs

The Timber Twirlers in Albany meet on the first and fifth Fridays of each month, except during the summer, at the IOOF Hall at 738 E. 5th Ave. in Albany. All couples, singles, and teens are welcome. Pre-Rounds are at 7:30 p.m. with square dancing from 8 to 10 and the Plus at 10. Hearing enhancement is available.

The Timber Twirlers also hold a variety of special dances centered on holidays or other special events, including their famous Talk Like a Pirate Dance in October.

For information, click here or contact Sid at (541) 967-4031 or Sandy Harris at (541) 926-9280.

The Lebanon Square Circlers have been dancing since 1949, which makes them the second oldest square dance club in Oregon. Dances are held every first and third Saturday night at the Odd Fellows Hall, 20 E. Ash St., with pre-rounds starting at 7:30 p.m. and the squares at 8. Couples, singles and family groups are welcome. Hearing enhancement is available.

For more information, click here, e-mail baker@dswebnet.com, or call (541) 259-4007.

The Squarenaders of Sweet Home, who have been dancing for over 55 years, hold dances the second and fourth Saturdays of the month at the Oak Heights School gym on the corner of 6th Avenue and Elm Street in Sweet Home. Dancers of all ages and all skill levels are welcome to Squarenader events. Hearing enhancement is available.

For more information, call (541) 367-4151, or by e-mail at squarenaders@yahoo.com.

The Midwinter Festival
The Midwinter Festival celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2010. It has been held since 2005 at the Linn County Expo Center, drawing hundreds of dancers for a weekend of great fun. For more information, click here or contact Frank and Cathy Dietz at (541) 997-7437 or by e-mail at dietz7437@msn.com.