Get a real release in Linn County!
Paul Bess takes aim, practicing for hunting season.

Archery: Targets of all kinds await

Archery and bowhunting are thriving sports in Linn County.

Whether you're looking for friendly competition or to put food on the table, archery and hunting opportunities are here for the adventurous.


Summer Sports:
Find a swimming hole and hop in

Looking for a great day trip to let the kids splash around a little, or maybe catch some rays? Linn County, in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley, has plenty of options for you.
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Find yourself afloat in Linn County on the surface of your choice – white water to placid ponds

Boating: Linn County has water for every taste

Linn County offers great boating opportunities for nearly every kind of fresh-water craft, from high-end white-water kayaking on our mountain rivers to plenty of more placid water for houseboaters and canoeists who aren't necessarily looking to get soaked, but who want to enjoy our beautiful lakes and rivers.


Great fishing, from the high mountain lakes to wide, flowing valley rivers!
First Catch at the Fishing Derby

Fishing: Rivers, lakes offer unending opportunity for anglers

If you’re looking for a spot to get your line in the water, Linn County offers everything from crisp, cold mountain lakes teeming with trout, to rivers full of steelhead and salmon, to quiet country ponds with bass lurking in the shadows.  Come and get a taste of great fishing!


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